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How It Works

  1. Shop at any of 1,350+ online stores. It’s fast & automatic with the iGive Button, our iPhone/iPad apps, or simply use our site to visit stores. You never pay more. We always show you how much you’re raising before you buy.
  2. Just about anything you buy counts. We take care of the details, including sending the money you’ve helped raise to your cause. Donations range from .5% (e.g. computers) to over 20%, varying by store. A typical shopper raises about $70 per year.
  3. You can change causes any time you wish.

If you would like to donate items that children would love to win, no matter how big or small, please message me!

We are always looking for committee members to help out with service project planning, fund raising events and promotion of CB Kids.  Please let us know if you are interested in signing up for a committee.  You must be at least in 9th grade.