2015-2016 Service Year

We like to keep busy in our volunteer service to others! Here’s how we spent the 2015-2016 service year!! (Our service year runs congruent to the school year, September to June.)

February 2016 – The COW Project/The Unforgotten Haven

One of our favorite groups here at CB Kids is The Unforgotten Haven; they provide clothing, toiletries and food for people in need. They distribute sandwiches to the homeless and students in lower income schools every week. They pretty much help anyone that needs it. The COW (Changing Our World) Project has an annual hoagie sale, the proceeds from which go to individuals and families who are struggling with medical bills, etc.

CB Kids had the idea to help both organizations at once by purchasing hoagies from The Cow Project and delivering them to The Unforgotten Haven on Super Bowl Sunday for distribution to those in need on the streets of Camden. The concept went over HUGE – we DOUBLED our goal of 100 hoagies. As an added bonus, our volunteers created over 500 messages of hope and love for the homeless, which will be attached to the hoagies prior to distribution.